Friday, 9 August 2019

Mass-Autistic "Like a Diffraction Grating"

Mass-Autistic "Like a Diffraction Grating"

Free Download EP:

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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Sunday, 3 March 2019

(Inaudible) Pervert re-mix NxFxTxEx

(Inaudible) Pervert "...Re-mix Fun Left-wing Radicals"
100% Unofficial 5 track EP

Free Download Here:

Friday, 12 October 2018

(Inaudible) Pervert "...Re-mix Fun Left-wing Radicals"

(Inaudible) Pervert "...Re-mix Fun Left-wing Radicals"
100% Unofficial 5 track EP

Free Download Here:

Friday, 14 September 2018

Two New Releases

Send In the Idiots "Let's Sing of the Unspeakable Together"
8 Track mini-album

CD-R £3.50 postpaid worldwide
or trade.
Bandcamp link coming soon.

Full Free Download (WAV, FLAC, Og Vorbis or MP3) Here
(Bandcamp download version is missing one track):


various artists "1.0 Outside" c/w (Inaudible) Pervert "Maureen Lipman Made Me Gay"
7 track compilation + 4 track EP

CD-R £3.50 postpaid worldwide
or trade.
Bandcamp link coming soon

Full Free Download (WAV, FLAC, Og Vorbis or MP3) Here:

Notes for original 1.0 Outside release:

We had seven different artists (The Happiness Patrol, Somnaphon, Vziel Projet, Nxfxtxex, Rejekted Kauses, The Icarus Descent, John Magill) each recorded one to three tracks of exactly 4 minutes 13 seconds in length which were then downloaded by all the contributing artist. Each artist then constructed a single 4 minute 13 second track by layering and processing whichever elements of whichever tracks they see fit with the resulting mixes compiled into a (in theory) 29 minute 31 second continuous flow track.

Additional information:

This version was to have contained an exclusive bonus track "Who Summons the Bee Keeper?" by Send In the Idiots but after one test pressing the label chose to instead pair the compilation with the previously download only Send In Thee Idiots release (Inaudible) Pervert - Maureen Lipman Made Me Gay.

1.0 Outside originally released as part of Various, The Happiness Patrol - 1.0 Outside C/W Messing With Bob's O.C.D .

Preview tracks from a download of the original edition:

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

An Apology

For the last week of so due to a software glitch I have until this moment been unable to access my email account.

I'm currently working through the backlog and apologise to anyone who thinks I've been deliberately ignorant or lazy.

The handful of folk who visit this blog may be interested in an imminent new releases announcement, though these have admittedly being spoilered by our Discogs page.

Friday, 4 May 2018

CD-R Releases - £3.50 Postpaid Each Worldwide - Or For Trade

£3.49 Each Postpaid Worldwide - Or For Trade

China Pig "2014" CD-R
Pavlov's Dog's Dinner (2018 PDD 01 CDR)

Semi-improvised Noise made mostly using customized Dictaphone loop feedback generator, unreliable FX pedals, analogue Korg ribbon synth and random tape elements.

Contains all 12 tracks from "Let Them Eat Pork" and "Shut Up Grammatic Oil!" download EPs.


The Happiness Patrol "(Almost) Everything But Jesus" CD-R
Pavlov's Dog's Dinner (2018 PDD 02 CDR)

An on reflection slightly misleadingly titled 17 track compilation collecting most of their stray tracks from various releases.


Send In the Idiots "A Scrapbook of Crap: Tidying Up Before Phase 2" CD-R
Pavlov's Dog's Dinner (2018 PDD 03 CDR)

6 stray tracks collected into a short EP.


Send In The Idiots "Sometimes the Law Protects You Sometimes"
3" CD-R (5 copies)
Pavlov's Dog's Dinner (2018 PDD 04 MCDR)

4 track mini CD-R. Limited to 5 copies. 3 new tracks and 1 previously released. The 3 new tracks will feature on Send In the Idiots forthcoming CD-R album.